Post 141:Science and stuff

It’s Cyber Monday, the day when terminators come back from the future and try to buy up all the latest technology so they can build SkyNet. Or something. Here’s a good start.


Never used. Still in box. Pick up anytime.

Ralph: Maybe I can pick this up if I go out to launch down there….

This ad is in code, I think.

Laptop parts – $1

post 141 laptop

4gb ram ddr3
1000gb (1Tb seagate sata hdd)
Both for $60…Nothings wrong , pullout from my gateway laptop.


Desktop kingston ram 2x 1gb ddr3 1333 — $15

I can think of someone else who should have pulled out. And now, male and female bits.

24 Channel, 4-XLR Snake – 100 feet NEW – $350

post 141 snake box

In Line Audio Stage Snake, 100 Foot, 24-Channel, 4 XLR returns. Get that stage organized with this heavy-duty audio snake.

In Line Audio’s stage snake box provides the female XLR inputs and male XLR returns you need.

So there you go. Terminators, satellite (not the dish, the whole satellite!), seagate gateway, and snake box. It’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine.

3 thoughts on “Post 141:Science and stuff

  1. This is less sparkii and more Sparky (electrical geek)speak.
    RAM chips are named via the gibberish supplied. So, that is how they are traded in by aficionados.

    Now, our 1st listing though, is leaning sparkii. Not distinguishing between a 2# dish antenna and a 2 ton orbital platform ought arch an eyebrow. That the name on the dish matters, ought raise another (dish, DirecTV, etc. all use the same dish, they are just pointed slightly differently , and the boxes in the house are different, slightly ).

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  2. Sparky #2 is confused. The DIMM memory chips pictured are for a desktop computer, not a laptop. Laptops use SODIMM RAM which looks like this.

    O’er the RAM parts we watched.

    RAM = Random Access Memory
    DIMM = Dual in-line memory module
    SODIMM = Small outline dual in-line memory module
    DDR = Double data rate
    GB = Gigabyte
    TB = Terabyte
    SATA = Serial Advanced Technology Attachment
    HDD = Hard Drive
    1333 = The speed of the chip
    “Nothings wrong” = needs an apostrophe and may crap out as soon as you get it home.
    XLR = XLR
    Male, Female = If you don’t know the difference you haven’t gotten this far.

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  3. Don’t talk to me about memory. Not after the day I’ve had. *twitch*

    Though the supposed laptop RAM chips do look remarkably like the ones which IT took an hour to install in my decrepit PC this afternoon. Could explain a good deal. Like why it took two months to get the damn things.

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