Post 153: I Already Got One

A few months back, Sparkys across the nation tried to sell things so that they could have cash for Christmas presents. Most of the things they sold were last year’s presents. It’s a vicious circle, the root of poverty and hypertension in America. Continue reading

Post 150: YSaC History and the Story of Colleen from MA

The original blog, You Suck at Craigslist, started because a woman with a great sense of humor looked for furniture for her new pad, using Craigslist. The absurd things she found she sent to her friends with witty comments. The friends encouraged her to start a blog, and the rest was history. Until that tragic day a year agot when the Llama-nun and the Ostrimu decided to retire on the huge amount of money they made from book and movie deals. (This last part needs a citation.) Continue reading

Post 149: Also Need Blood Donors

I’m pretty fortunate right now in that I don’t need to find a job. I know so many folks who are looking for that. I could actually take a job now that fit into my ideas of the perfect employment. Working with animals, dealing with the public with animals, working at a professional facility with animals. Continue reading