Post 143: Let the Buyer Bee Wares

For the coming holiday season, which started on Thanksgiving and will extend through Halloween 2016, I wish each and every one of you, all five of my readers, may have bees upon you. In the style of the classic bee-bedecked truck, may you have swarms of bees at every turn. Enough bees so that you might have to call Sparky to get them removed.

Bee Swarm Removal of San Diego / Live Honey Bee Removal

post 142 bees

May bees be upon you.

Here we are again with the bee swarm season amongst us. If you encounter a bee hive on your property like the one seen in the picture in this ad, please don’t hesitate and call me immediately for an live, organic, humane removal.
Call sfor a free quote.
Typically swarm removal is $99.00 or less!
Please help me to increase the honey bee population. I bring the bees back to my avocado grove for pollination and use the bees to make raw honey and bee wares.

So, I pay you 99 bucks, you get the bees, you get avacados, you get honey, and you get bee wares, whatever those are. Sounds like a deal to me!

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