Post 144: Love It or List It, Canada

This time of year, people work hard to make their homes look holly and jolly! A few lights here, a bit of garland there, and soon you have a house fit for a child-eating witch. These little improvements can help raise the price of your little foot of paradise, insuring that you can purchase a new home which might actually have room for you to step inside.

$4500000 / 1br – 1ft2 – Vancouver Gingerbread home for sale by owner(Vancouver West Side)

post 144 house

“””Vancouver gingerbread home for sale, lot value only, 1’X9” in size, $4.5 million.

Will be demolished January 1, investors dream, baking sheet not included”””

Serious buyers only

Srsly? Maybe if you throw in Jeremy Renner.

post 144 hansel-and-gretel-witch-hunters-jeremy-renner

Yum! Thanks, NinjaChow, you brightened up my holidays!

5 thoughts on “Post 144: Love It or List It, Canada

  1. Well, if those are Zimbabwe dollars . . .
    5 625 million the square foot, and 100 billion $Z to the USD–wonder if Spark’ will take a check (oops, cheque in Canadia) for US$0.000045? (wonder if my bank would honor that?)

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