Post 146: Happy Holidays!

I am dragging a bit because my Christmas decorations are scattered all over the garage. I don’t have the energy or time to go looking in all the boxes for the stuff, and I don’t have room to put up all the stuff I have. So maybe I’ll ignore what I already have and just buy some new stuff. Let’s see what’s available.

9 ft. Pre-lit Christmas Tree – $200

post 146 tree 1

Beautiful, full, pre-lit artificial Christmas Tree. Three separate pieces, plus stand. Two storage bags included. Currently set-up and available for you to see. andy

Hmm, I saw the same thing at Home Depot for half that amount. Keep looking.

Christmas Tree 7′ Tall – $45

post 146 tree 2

Christmas tree in great condition. A few years old. Measures 3x 7′. Does not imclude lights or ornaments. Please text for more info.

Kind of sparse, and not pre-lit. Better price, but still not what I am looking for.

7.5 Slim Musical Xmas Tree w Lights! – $55

post 146 tree 3

Hello, this is an artificial Sherwood Pine tree is in very good condition. It has lights in every branch and it also plays music. It is 7.5 Feet tall and about 3 feet wide. Please text for more info. If the ad. is still up I still have it so please text me an actual question or a time if you are interested in coming to see it.

Thanks and Happy Holidays!

Yeah, Sparky still has it. And he can keep it. I am pretty sure the music is by Slim Whitman, so I think I’ll pass on these delights. Happy Holidays!

5 thoughts on “Post 146: Happy Holidays!

  1. All Christmas trees are pre-lit at some point. The trick is not burning down the house in the process.

    Also, I have never heard of a “Sherwood Pine.” I Googled it and it is not a species, although there is a place called Sherwood Pines Forest Park. The K-Mart description says it has “600 multi-colored, Never-Out lights.” However, the care instructions are: “To reduce the risk of overheating, promptly replace burned-out bulbs.”

    Merry Sparky Christmas.

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  2. Actually, a pre-lit (yes, it’s horrible grammar, but it’s what the industry uses) narrow profile 9 footer at Home Despot will set you back about $300.
    If you shop online, a species – specific tree with included lighting will run you about $400 (which means that Noble Fir will pay for itself in about. 3 years vice buying one at the tree lot.
    There is much to be said for artificial trees. No going to questionable lots, no chainsaw ing off the end, no dropped needles, no keeping the dog watering bowl full, either

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    • Of course grammar is horrible and most people learn it before taking English Literature, so grammar is obviously pre-lit, but what does that have to do with artificial foliage?

      And I leave my conifers growing outside unless they’re in my way, instead of dragging them indoors and attaching dangly bits.

      Christmas? Bah, humbug — fake trees for a fake holiday. Happy Saturnalia!

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