Post 147: Crazy Union Laws

A dog just moved in to my house. She demands feeding twice a day, walking twice per day, walking attendant to pick up after her, regular play time with the cat, dibs on any food that falls, Greenies every night, and protection against the insane parrot who has already attacked her once. She’s an autumn, so her harness is a light green, her cushion is brown, and she is negotiation for new carpet in the house.

I don’t think all dogs have it so good.

Seeking Part-time Dog (Locationish)

post 147 part time dog

We are looking to walk and play with a dog once (maybe twice) a week for a few hours at a time.

We are a mom and daughter (age 10) who can’t have a dog in our home (allergic family), but would really like to have a relationship with a dog.

What we would do: Once (maybe twice) a week, we would pick up your dog, take it for a walk and play catch/fetch. It would never be in our house, so it would be a couple of hours of walking, running, playing and car ride. Then we would bring your dog home. That is all.

This is not a financial transaction. We just want to make friends with a dog.

Let’s try out a few hours on a weekend morning or afternoon and see if we have a good fit.

Please reply with a couple pics of your dog and info: size, breed, activity level, temperament, etc.

We are located near Specific Park.

Well, she’s not a part time dog, so this won’t work out. She also doesn’t play catch or fetch. Tug-o-war with a sausage is more her style. Thanks, NinjaChow, great ad!

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