Post 148: You’re Invited!

Even though it’s the season of peace and community, not very many people consider extending that to all life forms. If you have more than four appendages, or possibly none at all, you won’t be invited to the tree lighting ceremony or the candle lighting or to exchange gifts.

Possibly, you might get invited to a bon fire. Especially if your home is chosen as the Yule log.

Gnarly wood with fungus and insects !! (Pillsberry)

Dead elm tree in a swamp…have at it …I’ll provide lemonade and cupcakes

Agaricus, Agaricus! How lovely are thy white caps!
If in a swamp, upon an elm,
You glow with joy and burst your spores!
Agaricus, Agaricus! How lovely are thy white caps!

Thanks for the Holiday Spirit, Ralph!

4 thoughts on “Post 148: You’re Invited!

  1. If Sparky is involved, the invitation would be to a bondfire.

    [corey] If you are referring to the Elm Oyster Mushroom, it is now known as Hypsizygus ulmarius, not Agaricus ulmarius. Picky, picky, I know; and there are tastier fungi to pick.

    Also, “Elm burns like a churchyard mold, with a blue flame and just as cold.” And it’s hard to split, doesn’t smell good, and fizzles when wet (especially from a swamp). [/corey]

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  2. Remember, sparkii are at this, so, it’s as likely to be Quercus Albion in a dry patch with a spring of mistletoe.

    If spark is in Michigan, then, this likely to be a Dutch elm ruined by the beetle of the same name, and is an imenent danger to all around (and in a bit of wetland, so the arborist wants $ 3-4k to fell the thing properly, safely, with permits and the like.

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