Post 149: Also Need Blood Donors

I’m pretty fortunate right now in that I don’t need to find a job. I know so many folks who are looking for that. I could actually take a job now that fit into my ideas of the perfect employment. Working with animals, dealing with the public with animals, working at a professional facility with animals.

I guess I have always wanted to work with animals. I think Sparky is hiring at the wildlife center.

Volunteers Needed (Bloody, CA)

post 149 cujo

North County Wildlife Education Facility is looking for volunteers serious about gaining experience with exotic animal ambassadors as a career or vocation. Duties include feeding & cleaning, observation & socialization, enrichment and more. Join a professional facility dedicated to providing a positive enriching life for all of its 120 animal ambassadors, while giving them the highest quality of care.

Yikes! Look at the claws on that thing! Does the collar say Cujo? Dude, I am totally not looking for a job, okay. Give me back my arm and I’ll be going.

2 thoughts on “Post 149: Also Need Blood Donors

  1. I have no interest in dodging raking claws and flying poo from Republican candidates. No amount of socialization and enrichment will change some of them; they are wild animals and will remain that way.

    I got my degree in wildlife biology in 1969 and practiced it teaching sixth grade in the classroom for four years — feeding & cleaning, observation & socialization, enrichment and more. Then I moved on to loons and outdoor environmental education. You have to be somewhat crazy to get into this field, and might even end up with a house full of animals. Polly want a finger?

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