Post 150: YSaC History and the Story of Colleen from MA

The original blog, You Suck at Craigslist, started because a woman with a great sense of humor looked for furniture for her new pad, using Craigslist. The absurd things she found she sent to her friends with witty comments. The friends encouraged her to start a blog, and the rest was history. Until that tragic day a year agot when the Llama-nun and the Ostrimu decided to retire on the huge amount of money they made from book and movie deals. (This last part needs a citation.)

One special part of YSaC, much like we have here, was the community of commentators who supplied even more stunning wit and repartee. Many of them stand out in memory, Lola, Grampdaddy, Eclectic Mama, Taco Magic. I am honored that Cap’nMac and Ralph, One Moving Violation, and a few others, choose to drop in here when time allows.

However, long before the demise of the original blog, a commentator known as Colleen of MA posted that she had pruchased a mattress from a Craigslist ad. It had a strange smell, so it resided out on her balcony until it aired out.

And that was the last we ever heard from her. (Cue spooky music!)

Threat Level One: Look for auntie juice stains or other signs that this mattress will be haunted.

I comfort Mattress – $300

post 150 mattress 1

I am selling my I Comfort Mattress. Gently used. Very comfortable, just downsizing. These run from $1000 to $2500 so this is a great deal.

Threat Level Two: Requires blacklight to assess danger.

Full Mattress – $90

post 150 mattress 3

Hi all,

The mattress has a some wear from when it was moved around in a uhaul. (I’m only owner of mattress) Selling because I moved in with my girlfriend and we bought a larger bed.

Text or email.

Threat Level Three: Use of code word OBO to draw you in.


post 150 mattress 2

Mattress with extra cushion is about 5 years old.
– Used in guest room. Clean & Barely used.
– Selling only as a set: mattress & box spring.
– No receipts (I don’t save them) and cash only. No shipping available.
– Will deliver local at no charge.
– Will throw in the sheets (only 3 months old).
– $250 for set or best offer

Key words: pottery barn, crate and barrel, Williams and Sonoma, bedroom, set, comfortable, decorative, decorations, home, Macy’s

Don’t be the next Snarker to disappear! 

3 thoughts on “Post 150: YSaC History and the Story of Colleen from MA

  1. People, and sparkii, are much confused by the way bedding is sold in our modern times.
    They see the mattress firms charging a grand or more, and have instant dreams of avarice.
    What they fail to appreciate is that the mattress joint barely sells but one a month. Yet, the store has to be open every day to make that one sale. The retail price reflects that the consumer is paying for the month’s wages, utilities, ad costs, and the like.
    Really, a mattress is only worth about $75-150; the box springs maybe $45-55.
    Not having to wait until the 33rd of Neverary for the store to be open is what costs $600-900 more.

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  2. A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away I was the customer service director for a national chain of mattress/bedding stores.

    I am sooooooooooo glad I had become a full Jedi before navigating the perilous byways of…

    Returning Mattresses (cue ominous music)

    You see, no mattress can ever be re-sold if the auntie has stained it…even if it was a microscopic stain of determinate (or indeterminate) origin. Therefore, no mattress could ever be returned to the store if it had anything on it. And when selling someone a new set, our delivery team could not pick up an old set if there were any stains on it.

    No exceptions.

    There’s a reason for this. But did that stop our intrepid customers from begging, pleading, cajoling and otherwise harrassing me in an attempt to get me to break the rules?

    No, it did not.

    I still have nightmares about it.


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