Post 153: I Already Got One

A few months back, Sparkys across the nation tried to sell things so that they could have cash for Christmas presents. Most of the things they sold were last year’s presents. It’s a vicious circle, the root of poverty and hypertension in America.

Finally, one of the Sparkys got smart. He’s selling something different. But it does come with last year’s presents.

Yard Sale (Front Yard)

Yard Sale — Lots of Household Items, Odds & Ends, Decorative Items, Christmas Decor ! ! ! Old Ski’s, Sporting Goods, Soccer Balls!


From 9 am to 1 pm … OCTOBER 10TH..SATURDAY ONLY

Indeed, this yard comes with lots of household items and balls. I think Grandma gave him the Odds & Ends last year. Hope she doesn’t drive by during the sale!

Once again, thanks to Ralph for this pithy submission. Much appreciated.

3 thoughts on “Post 153: I Already Got One

  1. Going down the list of yard sale locations on craigslist, this one definitely caught my attention. I had just been in Front Yard the week before. If I had known about this, I might have rearranged my trip.

    Also, why don’t Sparkies ever sell anything by the meter? PL 94-168 declared the Metric System “the preferred system of weights and measures for United States trade and commerce….”

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