Post 154: I Need a Last Minute

New Year’s Eve is just around the corner, and I know you all have HUGE parties planned. You have a caterer, you have A-list celebs attending, you have a stunning outfit, and the decorations are cutting edge. Everything is ready except the DJ.

Could be a little late to be booking one, don’t you think?

Need a last minuet DJ for your New Years Eve Party (Southern Location)

post 154 party

We now have an open booking available. Affordable, Reliable, and Professional.
Make your party THE party this year!
Hire a DJ that knows how to program in the moment and to what the crowd wants to hear.
If you’ve been searching for a truly remarkable and memorable way to spice up your venue or party look no further. Email us here or check out
http://www.[very cute name] for more info!

I’ve waited for a year to use this ad. Hope the discount coupon hasn’t expired. Another great submission from Ralph, champion of Snark!

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