Post 157: Rocking in the New Year

I haven’t been to a rock concert in years. I think the BeeGees were still hot at the time. There have been many trends in music since then that I have missed. I have a lot to be thankful for.

No, really, music has gotten louder, less bouncy, more mechanized, and way faster. Says so right here on Gizmodo, so you can’t argue with it.

Apparently Sparky held a rock concert, and now he needs help to get rid of the evidence.

Free rocks of all sizes (Rorschach)

I have literally hundreds of free rocks. Rocks from really little to boulders. Come and get them. Call for directions.

I am not happy that there are no photos of these rocks. I am also confused about the instructions. I have to come and get them, then call for directions. I guess I’ll wait until Sparky sobers up before I attempt this. Thanks, Ralph, rock on!

7 thoughts on “Post 157: Rocking in the New Year

    • *looks at little rock*
      I see an Arkansas.

      *looks at boulder*
      I see a Colorado.

      *looks at pile of stones*
      I see kidneys,
      I see galls.
      I see Jagger in the halls.

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  1. This ad is from New Hampshire, the Granite State, where almost everybody who has any land has plenty of their own rocks, thank you very much.

    I suspect Sparky was stoned when he listed this.

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  2. I’m a great big boulder, heavy and round.
    Here I am sitting on the ground.
    You’ll need directions where I’m found.
    And my little brothers do abound.

    You can come and get me and them too.
    Take the whole lot of us or just a few.
    Don’t take us for granite, if you do.
    You just may be stoned when we are through.

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