Post 159: Urine Luck

Warning! If you are hung over from the weekend, or if you have caught some horrible disease that makes you queasy or if you are a normal human being, you may want to skip this Monday morning post.

Because Sparky just can’t pass the test without some help. Personally, I believe my waste products are worth a lot more than she’s offering.

Clean urine female – $40 (Jakesline)

I need clean female urine. When I say clean there can be nothing in your urine, no weed, prescriptions, anything. I will test it with a home drug test before I buy it from you. But if anyone is interested I will pay you 40$ for 100% clean urine. I’m serious so if anyone wants to make 40$ easy bucks let me know thanks

However, I would be willing to sell my female dog’s urine for that price. Won’t that be a fun result! Do you know the best and easiest way to pass a urine screening test? Don’t DO drugs!

So glad to have OMV submitting ads again. Thanks! Also thankful there were no photos with this one.

5 thoughts on “Post 159: Urine Luck

  1. Sparky (Sparkette?) seems confused. Or stoned. The last time I checked, there’s a difference between a clean urine female and clean female urine. The former can produce the latter repeatedly, so may be worth the price, depending on the upkeep. And input. And output. And shipping charges. And supply and demand economics.

    The complexity is giving me a headache. I need a spreadsheet. And some drugs. And therefore possibly some clean male urine, or possibly a clean urine male.

    How about a stool sample?

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