Post 160: Puppy Miller

Sparky loves to buy puppies and dog and kittys and cats on Craigslist. They are not fixed, don’t have all their shots, never been to the vets. And without fail, the animal does something Sparky cannot tolerate. Like peeing in the yard. Or climbing the drapes. Or breathing. Or trying to protect its scrap of dinner from thieving little Sparkies.

This is a CLASSIC case, if you can’t spell the breed of animal, you should not have it. And by the way, when you get your next pet fixed, see if the vet can fit you in, too.

pomarinion (maneater)
8 year old purebred male sweet Black with drown legs not fixed not up to date good with cats dogs and older kids I just bought him but he snapped at my 6 year old and growled at m 19 month old need gone ASAP I am just asking what I paid for him wich is 100.00 or will trade for something worth 100.00 or a dog that’s good with cats dogs and babys please help me I was told he was good with all kids i have a 19 month old and a 9 week old as well as my older kids so i really need him gone DO NOT TEXT ME JUST LOOKING FOR PICTURES

Not only does Sparky not know how to spell Pomeranian, and does not know the plural of baby when she’s popping them out like clockwork, but she used sweet and snaps at child in the same ad!

Thanks for this one, Ralph. So much crazy is hard to come by.

7 thoughts on “Post 160: Puppy Miller

  1. [insert Pomeranian national anthem here]

    Given that it’s sparkii, and humern chillern are typically speelt “babbys”; one has to wonder if Spark ‘ s “babys” are Cabbage patch and kept shiney with bacon drippins.

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  2. Does rather make a person lament for society. Has a c-note for lap-dog, but not $45 for shots?
    Gets a pack-oeiented animal, puts it in with a number of similarly -sized creatures and is surprised when said animal tests the pack boundaries?
    Make a person weep.

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  3. Okay, first of all Sparkette might have wanted to question why a person was selling an 8 year old dog and why said dog has made it to 8 years old without being fixed, and second a Pomeranian is normally about a 5 pound dog I’m pretty sure that “man eater” is a bit of an stretch.
    And why did you drown his legs, maybe that’s why he’s cranky.

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  4. The poor little dog is not fixed (broke) and not up to date (old fashioned, living in the past), and Sparkette wonders why the little dog snapped?
    I just about snapped when I read this. I was this close to having that little dog in the Pom of my hand.

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