Post 161: Tell Me About the Acorns, George

Quick! What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the words New & Cheap? Is it rabbit figurines that light up? Is it an acorn doll that looks wasted? Wait, what is that squirrel trying to do to the acorn doll?

If there are children in the audience, please avert your eyes.

Figurines (Rabbit and acorn)(NEW)(Cheap)

Rabbit figurines-2 for $3 each.
Acorn figurines-2 for $1.50 each.
Really cheap!

By gosh, that IS really cheap! Not so new, seen these before. But for Sparky, everything is new every day! Thanks NinjaChow, great catch!

6 thoughts on “Post 161: Tell Me About the Acorns, George

  1. I sure hope those are like mother daughter bunnies and not like pedo-bunny and mark.

    What? Don’t look at me like that. You know you were all thinking the same thing. Weren’t you? WEREN’T YOU?!



    • Of course those are like mother-daughter bunnies — most are carrying eggs. They’re rare oviparous Lagomorpha collected by psychoceramics (crackpots).


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