Post 162: Vibrant

In the US, we are commemorating a great man, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. It seems odd to be focused on color, when the dream of being color-blind still hasn’t come true. At least this item “morphs” into a bed so we can get back to dreaming.

Stylish sofa/chaise-longue and bed (all in one!) – $270

Selling this lovely modern vibrant red sofa which can morph into various other styles of furniture. It can become a chaise-longue (with varying angles of the back rest) and also folds down into a bed. We have loved having this vibrant piece in our home, it has been very practical. The fabric feels much like suede to the touch. We bought it for much more than we’re selling it for now but we just need more space in that room so hopefully it will find a new caring owner.

It’s in very good condition. There are no rips in the fabric at all. It comes with combining little red cushions that have removable covers. Modern retro/elegant feel.

If interested please don’t hesitate to contact!

So that’s two moderns, two vibrants, and one stylish. Not bad for a little red convertible. Thanks OMV, it will perk up the new snark lounge without losing that retro/elegant feel of the red table and the haunted things.

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