Post 163: I fell in a Disch Once.

This is becoming a very colorful week. I want to point out that while there are words misspelled in this ad, and they are common words, they are not actually on the appliance so Sparky couldn’t look at it to correct his errors.

black disch wascher working conditions (Location)

post 163 disch washer

used but in working conditions

Black working conditions have been horrible, especially for disch waschers. Thanks, Ralph, solidarity, my brother.

6 thoughts on “Post 163: I fell in a Disch Once.

  1. You are so Hieronymus! 🙂

    It’s sad that our “modern” times would feel compelled to bowdlerize the late Tom M. DIsch.

    Oh, and hooray for us: no reflectopron!

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  2. Part of my brain wanted to come up with a David Attenborough-type commentary about the black disch wascher frolicking in its natural habitat (which looks like unimproved grassland from here) but the rest of my brain is fuddled by a combination of cold and cold meds, so that didn’t happen.

    Or did it?

    I’m going to bed.

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