Post 164: Yeti again

We have some pretty foothills around where I live, but we don’t get a lot of snow. Therefore I felt some shock when I saw the ad below and the photo accompanying it. Really, the elevation is just not high enough for this kind of wildlife. Sparky is losing it.

$700 Lake Wonderful Resort – BEWARE E21 (Lake Wonderful)

post 164 yeti

Lake Wonderful Resort – BEWARE E21 Rental, This lady named Lisa rented a room to my friends they are paid up till Jan. 1st and Lisa had someone come and STEAL her things while she was moving. There is a Sheriff report being filed as we speak. Also she is prejudice against Mexicans and probably other races as well but Mexicans for sure. She walks around the house with no pants or panties and has this giant 70s muff that reminds me of Yeti. The management is in on it as well. They stole an antique phone switch board that was valued at over $2000 dollars 2 tailgates from late model f250 and f350 pick ups and all she says is she had them hauled away. How can you do that when they are paid until the 1st. Beware Beware Beware of E21 and for that matter Lake Wonderful Resort all together.

Have a good weekend and stay away from E21 and the Yeti Relocation Program.

3 thoughts on “Post 164: Yeti again

  1. So, if I have this right, Lisa rented a room to a person. Then Lisa stole Lisa’s stuff without permission. Lisa is also sabs-cullottes, and a fan of 70s hand warmers in such a way as to suggest Himalayan snow beasts. Further, that we ought eschew E21 altogether. Oh, and something about truck tailgates.

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  2. Well, if she walks around the inside of the house, that’s her business. If she walks around the outside of the house, that’s everybody’s business.
    Sounds like they have enough for a tailgate party.


  3. Sparkette rents a room at a resort, fills it with junk auto parts, and complains about a racist pantsless yeti? But E21 is not a proper ICD-9-CM or ICD-10-CM medical diagnosis code, so I’m not sure what the problem is.

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