Post 165: Rancid

This week we will look at stuff that should have just been thrown away. Out the door, see ya later, bye-bye. I’m wondering if in Sparkyville you have to pay extra for that service. It would explain a whole lot.

2 plus gallons Rancid Olive Oil (Stranded, NH)

condition: fair

Hello Creative people,

I have 2 plus gallons of prime olive oil. Not good to eat but could be turned into lamp oil, bio-fuel, animal feed, leather oil, paint oil?? You tell me. I just hate to see it go to waist.

Fair or Prime? Rancid or Creative? Waist not, want not. Oh, Sparky. At least he’s put it up for free, and not asking to be remunerated. Thanks Ralph!

8 thoughts on “Post 165: Rancid

  1. One shudders to consider what Spark’ typed that autocorrect rendered “waist.”

    Paint? Nope, that’s boiled linseed oil.
    Leather oil? Uh, only if you intend to be bear chow; lanolin is perferrable.
    Biofuel? Possible, some one might have a micro micro micro facility and making the stuff by the pint.
    Animal feed? Uh, what part of not-good-for-people equals good for animals?
    Lamp oil? You gave clearly never smelt burning olive oil.

    I have to admit to being frightened of what else Spark’ is hoarding–most would have just chucked the oil down the drain where it would have clogged the municipal sewer for everyone nearby.

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  2. [Corey] Definitely not suitable for paint. Found that out the hard way when painting a cage with Plastikote which had started to dry out. Olive oil doesn’t dry at room temperature, so the paint stays sticky. I suppose if you wanted to make home-made anti-climb paint, it would work, though. [/Corey]

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