Post 166: Also Possibly Rancid

Divorce is ugly. Sometimes the people involved are ugly. Or they turn ugly. These items are extremely ugly. Do not look directly into the photo.

Panties – $70 (Spookie)



Looking to sell these.. They were my ex’s. She had left me, so I need to sell them because I don’t want them. They are clean if anyone is wondering. (Just have been worn.)

Dude, I wouldn’t pay $70 for those if they were new and unworn. Good thing there were no children from the marriage. Selling them would be illegal.

As OMV said, There are no trash cans in this part of Sparkyville. Thanks!

6 thoughts on “Post 166: Also Possibly Rancid

  1. OMG!!! If only I couldn’t buy them for less money at WalMuerte!! These are priceless. 70 doll hairs is such a steal. I particularly like how he merchandised them on the bathroom floor next to the throw rug. #TakeMyMoney

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  2. What he means is he needs to sell them because he needs the money. If it’s just that he doesn’t want them, he could toss them out. (Except apparently there are no such things as trash cans there.)

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