Post 178: What Light in Yonder Storage Breaks?

You know, Sparky is really good at finding things to sell. He’ll be standing on a corner in, oh, say Winslow, Arizona, and see an open storage area. He’ll just creak in the shade, maybe take a poll of the folks sitting around, and possibly chare a fee. No, really, that’s what Sparky does. Continue reading

Post 176: Have Fun RE-Storming the Castle.

Sparky comes from a nomadic tribe of traders who roamed icy wastelands looking for a new place to pitch their tents and tent their pitches. As soon as they earned enough to buy more fuel for the snow camels, they were off again. And even as they traveled they would flag down passing caravans and offer to clean their windshields for 3 kopecks. Continue reading

Post 175: I Could be a Brooch or a Hat or a Pterodactyl

These days, a child can grow up to be anything. We hope you don’t grow up to be a Sparky. That would mean owning dog breeds you can’t spell and attempting to sell Crisco rejected by archeologists. You would post ads that required photos and then forget the photos. You would be confused by there, they’re and their. Continue reading