Post 169: Just Resting My Dragon

Have you ever smiled at a perfect stranger, not really paying attention to what they were saying, and suddenly they are your best friend and won’t shut up? Happens all the time to me. I think this Sparky is one of those types.

Chaise Lounge with Unique Woodworking – $950 (se location)

Very Good Condition
Frame is Solid and Sturdy
Exposed Oak Wood
Floral design patterned upholstery.
The springs and or padding, are in great shape
Very Firm No Sagging Fabric
Carved Detailed Scrolling is a Mythical Creature of some sort
Could be a Divan or Serpent of some sort
Could be a Naga, which is generally like a good luck Dragon, or a protector of good. Good fortune. They are not Evil or Dark. They are a good, positive symbol of good fortune or protection of goodness.
Took lots of pictures to show the design in the fabric
It seems to change colors depending what light it’s in
The fabric has a 20’s look to it (even though it could be reupholstered.)
Guessing it could be from the 1920’s, The Barcelona International.
Might be as old as 1915 when WW1 started or the 40’s during WW2 era.
The earlier ones from the 1860’s-1880’s are not in this great of shape
Height at back head area: 29 ”
Height at legs / body area: 19 ”
Width: 30 ”
Length: 78 ”
Call John

A French term meaning literally ‘long chair’. Originally made in two or three sections, chaise Longue now means a couch with a rolled upholstered end and a back which does not extend the whole length of the piece. The chaise took many forms, from the Grecian designs of the Classical Revival, with sabre legs and scrolled arms, to the more massive productions of the later Victorian period. The Victorian nine-piece drawing room suite would usually include a chaise longue, a gentleman’s chair, lady’s chair, and six drawing room chairs, usually of the balloon-back type lounge.

Settee, Davenport, Duncan fife, federal, Victorian, vintage, fainting couch, chaise, loveseat, Clawfoot, Claw Foot mahogany, horse hair, anthropologies, Anthropology, art nouveau, boudoir, living room, rococo, Divan, psychiatrist couch, Antique Victorian Parlor, Supernatural, psychologist’s office, Spiritual, Japanese, Dragon, Devil, Greek Mythology, Basilisk, Centaur, Cerberus, Chimera, Demon, Ghost, Frankenstein’s Monster, Golem, Griffin, Troll, Grim Reaper, Imp, Manticore, Minotaur, Labyrinth, Mutants, Nemean Lion, Ogre, Scylla, Serpentine, Just in time for Halloween
a long low sofa without a back or arms, typically placed against a wall.

Great for, Vintage To Early Mid Century Charm, Collectibles, Antique, Historical, Retro, Hobby, Classic, Primitive, Memorabilia, Ephemera, Décor, Decoration, Unique, Unusual, Bedroom, Bathroom, Kitchen, Laundry Room, Mud Room, Family Room, Dining Room, Living Room, Basement, Furniture, Furnishings, Entryway, Interior, Exterior, Porch, Patio, Great for, Man Cave, Barn, Shed, Recreation Party Room, Car Collectors Shop, Dorm, Game Room, Sports Fans, Art, Artistic, Arts and Crafts, Beer Lover, Sporting Events, Commercial, Restaurant, Bar, Deli, Coffee Shop, Sandwich Shop, Short Order Café, Small Business, Bakery, Schools, Day Care, Daycare Center, Cafeterias, General Home Household Use, Farm and Garden, Stores, Offices, Auto Garage, Gas Station, Rental Property, New Construction, Church, Hospitals, Clinics, Grocery, Materials,

After all that, he forgot to say that it’s ugly. Tits aside, which is French for idiot, this guy has bitten off more than he can sell. Thanks, OMV, I have always wanted to use the wall o’text tag!

5 thoughts on “Post 169: Just Resting My Dragon

  1. Not.A.Longue.Lizard or a Naga– possibly a revolting pheasant. With different upholstery, it could be French Prevential. And Sparky thinks this goes in hospitals, cafeterias, or a bathroom, laundry room, mud room, day care, garage, or gas station? What has he been smoking on it?

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