Post 171: Cutting Remarks

When our toenails grow too long, we pare them down. When horses’ hooves get out of shape, a farrier comes and pares those down. When cheese gets moldy, you pare that part off. Usually with a paring knife.

Sparky is cutting off his boots.

boots – $10 (san)


Im selling two pare of boots there are in good codition. Brown boots size 7 1/2 black boots 6 1/2


How much boot in each pare? Are they still in good codition after going under the knife? What size do they end up as?

Unrelated side note: I have that exact same cage as is shown in the background. It’s way too small to keep a bird in all the time. I use mine for transporting birds. I need to go call Animal Control.

Thanks, One! Enjoyable slice of Sparky life.

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