Post 172: Going In Circles

It’s Hump Day. In the week leading up to Valentine’s Day. You know what that means. You do, don’t you? Because if not, I may have to break out the hand puppets or do interpretive dance. Nobody wants that. Especially Turbo. He’s been living with Sparky and still doesn’t know what kind of dog he is.

Turbo needs a new home ASAP (Richmen)

Turbo is a big breed 100 lb . Very sweet and loves kids but living in richm[en] is to hard with him. I saved turbo from a bad situation but now I need to rehome him 😦
Small rehoming fee of 60$ hes fixed . he’s okay with other dogs but sometimes gets stressed. You will need a yard for him as he loves to run. He’s great with kids and loves to cuddle

Oh my, nobody should have to live in Richmen! Not if you want to run and have kids and cuddle and not get stressed. Oh, the Huge Manatee.

Thanks, NinjaChow. I’m sure the swelling will go down eventually.

6 thoughts on “Post 172: Going In Circles

  1. Lessee, put that through the autocorrect fixer and use the Jr g-m [en] decoder ring:

    I am a large lump of dough. I wish I were bread. 5 am a shapeless mass of sparkii and I weigh 100 stone. Please rehome me. Small fee required 10.28e12 kwatloo.

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  2. [corey] Turbo probably does not fit in very well in Richmen, where the majority of residents are of a certain ethnicity that prefers their dogs to be purse sized and dressed in cutesy doll-ish clothing. [/corey]

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