Post 173: Get the Finger Puppets

Ever have one of those days? You can’t do anything right, you make everyone around you unhappy, and you just want to crawl into a hole and hibernate? You can’t stay on your diet, you forget to walk the dog, and your dry cleaning smells like the cat used it before you got it hung up. And then you get suckered in to watching the GOP debates.

What else could possibly go wrong?

Winter clean tout (Freish)

Costume jewelry,salmon falls collection,German steins Budweiser holiday steins crackle glass delft collectables etc,dozens of new items,4 snowblower,JD stx38 tractor ,look at pics and triple what I have in pictures,

D’Oh! You post an ad on Craigslist that is nearly gibberish and forget to post the photos.

Thanks, Ralph, but what’s triple nothing?

6 thoughts on “Post 173: Get the Finger Puppets

  1. He did say “tout”–and he did. Hawke the inventory, had none to actually sell.
    Almost Schroedinger’s cat, but the cat sniffed and left for where the salmon was not gaudy trinkets.

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    • Sparky is in NH, and I think he meant a 4 hp snowblower, which is almost useless here for anything more than a flurry. It might work for tossing jewelry and crackle glass, however.

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