Post 175: I Could be a Brooch or a Hat or a Pterodactyl

These days, a child can grow up to be anything. We hope you don’t grow up to be a Sparky. That would mean owning dog breeds you can’t spell and attempting to sell Crisco rejected by archeologists. You would post ads that required photos and then forget the photos. You would be confused by there, they’re and their.

You would be like this guy.

Black Decorative Thing – $30 (Newport NH)

condition: good

I’m not sure what it is. It doesn’t do anything or hold anything. It’s just decorative. It has lion heads holding the handles in their mouths. It also has lion paw feet. It’s an interesting conversation piece. It’s 14.5″ high by 6.5″ wide at the square base. I may have been a lamp – it can be converted into a lamp. I’m looking to get $30 for it. Thanks!!

No, Sparky, Thank YOU! For admitting you may have been a lamp. The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. And thanks for Ralph for submitting this beautiful thing.

11 thoughts on “Post 175: I Could be a Brooch or a Hat or a Pterodactyl

  1. Arrgh.
    Once you learn about lighting design, you get to suffer through this forever.
    “Lamp” is the light emitting device.
    The thing that holds lamps is a “fixture.”
    “Bulb” is a glazing surrounding a lamp for illumination purposes.

    Gas lighting is what spoilt the language. Gas lights do not, generalky, use bulbs. So, when electric lighting came slong, sparkii needed “bulb ed lamps” for their light fixtyres. Sigh, they can’t get dogs right, why should I expect lighting to be any different?

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    • That was an illuminating explanation — is there a certificate for completing bulb ed?

      My town now regulates the intensity and direction of outdoor lighting. In the ordinance the fixtures are called “luminaires.” The original language for the item at Town Meeting referred to an ordnance about luminaries. I asked if we could hang the Governor from a lamp post and shoot him.

      In any case, this is Not.A.Lion

      It has little cat feet — maybe it’s a fog?

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