Post 176: Have Fun RE-Storming the Castle.

Sparky comes from a nomadic tribe of traders who roamed icy wastelands looking for a new place to pitch their tents and tent their pitches. As soon as they earned enough to buy more fuel for the snow camels, they were off again. And even as they traveled they would flag down passing caravans and offer to clean their windshields for 3 kopecks.

No wonder Sparky still tries to sell everything before moving to a new home.

Moving… Storm Door, Household Items, Furniture etc (Languid City)

Moving… Household Items, Reno Lighting, Furniture etc.
15 years of household to downsize before moving out.

Please feel free to check out the “more ads by this user” link to see pictures and information.
I will delete as the items get sold to ensure availability for you. Call to confirm before coming.

Starting tomorrow I am available after work at 5:30pm for pickups until 9:00pm Monday to Friday and weekend mornings before noon. Please phone at these times for further information or inquiries. Having this ongoing sale for the month or until sold. THANKS !!!

– Used like new: Front Door Glass Storm Door with Invisible Retractable Slide Screen $150
*ANDERSEN fits standard 36″ x 80″ door
36 Inch Width, 3000 Series Tru-Ease With Tru-Scene Insect Screen, White Door, Nickel Hardware. Good condition storm door; top window pane opens with attached screen top and bottom door dampening mechanisms all parts included: top and 2 side weather stripping
– Uberhaus 5+2 Programmable Electronic Thermostat NEW NEVER OPENED $35
– Queen Size Croscil “Chambord” Complete Bedding with and ceramic accessories $100.
– Limited Edition James Lumber signed Print $200
-Solid Wood Study Computer Desk $25
Please phone Donna evenings and weekend mornings before noon 6 X 4 *XXX * 2 X 8 9
Moving Sale after 15 years and LOTS of items to go… see “more ads by this user” link

Be sure to leave a note for the next tenant: Buy your own damn storm doors! Thanks to NinjaChow for this history lesson and genealogical expedition into Sparkyville.

10 thoughts on “Post 176: Have Fun RE-Storming the Castle.

  1. It’s too bad she wants me to call her in the morning before noon. Most of my mornings are after noon. Sometimes I don’t get to eat my dinner until 3:00 a.m.

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  2. Removing doors for a move? Sparky is unhinged.

    Around here, storm doors at yard sales are $5, if they sell at all. They tend to end up in the “Free” piles on the side of the road, along with the odd-sized 50-year old windows. It also helps to note right-hand or left-hand opening doors. Since Sparky doesn’t say that it opens at all, you may have to crawl through the specified top window pane opening. That might also explain the door removal.

    My bottom door dampening mechanism is called wet snow.

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