Post 180: Double Feature Flame War

Sparky A has lots and lots of stuff that will burn really well. All you have to do is get in your truck, find him, and load up. For free!

brush pile for bon fire (Location)
A pile of dry brush enough for about 5 truck loads and some big pine chunks, truck it away please

No photos, because Sparky A can’t be bothered to walk that far out on his property. Sparky B has chosen to take exception to this whole situation.

Brush Pile for Funeral Pyre (Location)

So somebody in Gilford is “offering” a free brush pile – a big one – enough for five truckloads. This guy wants one of us to schlep up to Location five times in a truck, and then load the brush in the truck. So we can have a bonfire. Ridiculous. This isn’t free stuff. This is someone trying to hire a free trash collector.

I’m offering this guy in Location to come to MY farm to pick up a free load of fresh horse manure that I have carefully collected. And if he wants to scrape my barn he can cart away the free red paint that blisters off. I also have 7 broken TV’s, a couple of pieces of shattered Ikea furniture.
And, as a bonus, I’m offering a dead Easter houseplant.

Sparky B just burst my bubble. The bon fire is canceled, folks. Thanks, Ralph, that was an awesome find.

3 thoughts on “Post 180: Double Feature Flame War

  1. Sparky II claims that Sparky I is just wanting someone to haul his trash away. While true, Sparky II’s previous statement is false. It IS free stuff.

    And aren’t those images from the internet? It seems I’ve seen most of these before. I think the red barn was a wallpaper that came with a version of windows.

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