Post 193: Guilty!

“Judge, I got some bad news.”

“What is it, Bailiff?” Continue reading

Post 192: Just Hanging Around

Well, this is awkward. Sparky just booked a club in his NRA-sanctioned Campgrounds, Happy Trees. When he looked up the club on the intertubes, he discovered that Preserve Our Wild America was not a swingers club. In fact, these wealthy individuals would no doubt object to the manner in which the lodge was decorated. Continue reading

Post 190: The Defiant One

There’s an old saying that the Sparky who dies with the most toys, wins. No one knows exactly WHAT is won. And as time passes, some Sparkies are just giving up on the whole collection of toys religion. They just say no.

99 Honda 400ex 4-wheeler – $1200

This is a really good running 4-wheeler but it has defiantly been rode hard throughout its life. Defiantly has some cosmetic wear. 1200 obo. I’m open to trades. Just text me and shoot an offer the worst I can say is no.

OMV, tell me why you have to run if you got 4 wheels? How can you play an obo while being rode hard? Life’s little mysteries, I guess. Thanks for the ad.

Post 188: I’ll Take Exotic Wildlife for Three Hundred, Alex

The answer is, This big cat is often mistaken for another big cat with a mane.

What is –

Missing White Tiger

Hello everyone, I’m missing a White Tiger Lion, he is super trained but would vicious attack if you approach as a predator (using hands or food), just beware when you find him, please call BCSPCA , his name is Trixo, he is 2 years old, he loves to hang out but don’t approach him like I said, prefer you call Animal Control.

He has a Dark Red collar on his neck, with a ring name “Trixo”, if u say his name, make sure you are ready to get attacked by him (he comes to you) but doesn’t attack like bite , scratch, clawed. He is super trained. Anyone who finds him or sees him, please call meor email me. He isn’t up for adoption if you trying to steal him. His left eye has a scar.

Super trained! Just like NinjaChow, who said, “Look, a Not.A.Lion. Somehow I think Sparky has heard of us, this can’t be real”. I have to agree, if this was real, there’d be a photo.

Have a good weekend!

Post 187: Geography for two hundred, Alex.

The answer is: On the shores of Gitche Gumee,
Of the shining Big-Sea-Water, and four others.

What is –

First Addition American Grate Lake Series – $40

post 187 grate books
First Addition 5 book American Grate Lake Series from 1944 with a book for each of the great lakes.

Because if you capitalize it, the word is Grate, but if it’s got a small letter in front, it’s great. Isn’t one plus one the first addition?

Sparky done got himself some edjumacation. Thanks, OMV, you’re as smart as you look.