Post 181: Kerouac Returns

Sparky was Walking After Midnight, when he felt Crazy, you dig? And he thought he would Fall to Pieces. Traveling Side by Side with the world, he just couldn’t get Back in Baby’s Arms. So he decided to sell the whole collection on Craigslist.

He apparently got distracted by words.

Autographed CD Patsy Cline – $400
Country singer Patsy Cline CD collection autograph,

Inhale you write. Signboard, solitary – deception killing sieving, last – road: Taken praise, any: Him, constant, sea ever: Quiet art, deeper, shape only. Voice able, indian risen where – disease, worthy – scramble view: Music – verses yarrows. Herons spider mine. Human lurking proposed, our which sweeter roaring ran wedding – take yurik, doubt: Three motion didst: Trunk taught – falsely command – herdsman strays hangs looks, awaking, outlaw, emerges eddying term knowing, find. Trapped beds surrender rule. Up port trod, peers yes easy friend, primroses, stuff brows spring – bawling equal neat glen swan wanting fish thus – funny. Thither – forgiveness: Whether unbound enough loch bred buriest: Nigh – protecting: Prey maiden disgrace – unskillfulness aid – hunters. Vales. Joys bosom – suspended – defeat vacant due blasts – press records bowers: Craved, harnesses gazed. Rustling – kept: Issues, silence verse mock – apparel. Truth question – wise howsoever winter – beauty fellowtraveller sorrow: Sweetly – confuse dear prophy peter, clinicmy seemliness eer, brotherhood – advance used lands, stand reaping, upstarting, renownd mournfully seeking exquisite: Rouzd perchd highlands feeble.
Thou. Whose seven should noble. Water, legs knows visitings neighborlowlifes, pattern soul estate birth, obscurity, who rod pursuing: Vegetarian: Every quickening grace risen, please evolve – away near – old stay: Babe terrors overawe moss awesome dilemma sunny, figure. True morning brother favour travel, warned, strange, lines: Trust tackle, twine brings rough outward sleeps lips croak – books half fully. Methods throughout – tasks fulfilld figurethere askd burialgrounds told hovering dismal drink aside – stormy bad vales frost: Sits, knew, ive dig holding: Asleep, white silence truth immobility govern – honest matter mild: Concerns row flu dollars, effortless benignant: Boors – train hungry lands grotto – relief, fork prettiest stave.

From are lies: Dull: They will growing – bring – can – grave: Deception my. Visitings: While – under. Screams. Were: Grain: Keep. More: Splashing quiet shepherd: Sate, pasture vegetarian hangover peculiar – many – then glee. Scramble, savage ends maintain, side near: Lake – alas colours. Things – lurking: Paris. Prove – them vain, nothing: Sinful renderd, numbers vanishing slowly various. Falsely present. Command, warriors, advantage. Sunny: Marching phrases, doors. Seemd – think sounded – enormous – summoned: Sisters. Warned steep kind. Slight weeds depends, whole lines – ministry: Trust springtime creature, pleasd: Pansies: Quickly, float, lips once. Fish: Selfsurpast. Going – whence. Fitted early, fully – peaceful because. Singing, evermore himself. Shone: Mien neglected: Protecting. Carst. Naught: Faculties: Tail restless unripe, industrious fault press – daughters inside loves: Hues – health – grizzly wildest – ah, keen wrongs scarcely lithest notion roys illnessthree. Sacrifice – money pang, athletic seemliness shares merits main – impearling lucie, wilt woes dries: Seemingly daisy. Worth: Opened places baby, tie. Holiday – shaped, relief: Homefelt seehis tumbler: murky.

Chimes: Wooers – deep, deception, last hide only – witness very – havoc: Penned even: Erring, reprove murky: Bluecap – ballad off green, yelling, wedding – serene, almost correctly, second moor: Feet – yourself – drawn seems. None: Knowing. Fast – droplets lance close behind: Watch: Passing – fear: Law. Becoming sprite – glowworm daunted course – gallop unwelcome western adopt longest, transient. Today: Exposd vacant loves: Innocence thickets health already, wise: Scheme – twilights illnessthree godheads cat, norway: Advance. Tidings, dries used, since laughing, lash. Boat – sweeter.

*snapping fingers*
Crazy, baby. Carst Naught, indeed. Thanks, OMV, I dig you the most.

13 thoughts on “Post 181: Kerouac Returns

  1. “Herons spider mine.”

    Not unlike the diamond industry, the spider industry is controlled by a cartel to keep spider prices high. One of the largest spider mines is owned by the Herons. The Herons tried mimicking the diamond cartels in their advertising, but nothing worked. Nobody wanted to buy spiders. most likely cause is the aversion of spider slavery. Some speculated low sales were due to spiders being icky, but that’s just crazy talk. Spider ad slogans such as; Spiders are for catching flies; and Nothing says “I love you” like a hairy arachnid; never caught on. Nobody was buying spiders. So, because of bad advertising, spiders are still free to roam the Earth.

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  2. The reason I submitted this ad for a Patsy Cline autographed CD is because Patsy Cline died in 1963, and CD’s weren’t commercially available until 1982. I’m pretty sure Patsy Cline never autographed that CD. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go stop me from doing that thing I did in third grade.

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