Post 182: Disturbing

A mind is a terrible thing. Especially an aging mind. I can remember the words to a song in a trailer for a movie in the Sixties. I can’t remember where I set my keys down a few hours ago. That’s why we don’t use a Do Not Disturb sign at my house. I’m pretty much as disturbed as it’s possible to get.

Free patio chair, table and insulation (east westish)

post 182 free

Folding patio chair, table and .
Clean ruxol insulation pieces.

In the alley behind 1016 Nanananananananana st.

Please don’t disturb the residence in the house.

Thank you.

As long as I am in residence, I feel completely insulated, thanks anyway. And thanks to NinjaChow who did not disturb me.

Oh, the movie? Do Not Disturb with Doris Day.

6 thoughts on “Post 182: Disturbing

  1. Sparky wants you to disturb the residence outside the house instead of inside, while the residents are newly insulated from the pandemonium caused by folding a chair.

    Because: What’s Irish and sits in the rain?

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  2. “residence in the house”

    I think this is like when you go into your home, you find out you are in the dog house. A house within a house.

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  3. Have to wonder how many tries Spark’ took before autocorrect gave him “residence” for residents. Rezdentz? Nope Resilkiants? Nope. Rumplestiltskins?

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