Post 183: You’ll Have to Type Louder

Noise pollution has followed peoples from the Cradle of Civilization to the Urban Sprawl of today. First those awful neighbors in the next cave stayed up all night drinking fermented melon juice and pounding on the skulls of their enemies. So we moved out of those apartments.

Sparky has a much worse situation. His furniture is making noise, all day long. Half the night as well. The noise is so bad, he couldn’t hardly find words for his ad.

dinning table with chairs

post 183 dinning
free white dinning tables and two chair

How very kind he is to set them free. Go, noisy furniture, have lots of baby dinning tables and two chair! NinjaChow, you know these sentimental ads make me weepy.


5 thoughts on “Post 183: You’ll Have to Type Louder

  1. SCOTUS voted down “prior restraint” as an unacceptable infringement on the 1st Amendment. This includes inflammatory statements (you can yell “fire!” In a crowded theater, as long as you can show its political speech (; “fighting words,” and, mere noise. If you wish to mske a noise complaint, it must be vice a “nuisance” rather than protected political speech. (A sad thing to consider in this political season.)

    So, Spark’, y’see, you can’t evict the chairs for humming the Free Furniture anthem. If they change to SpongeBob or pokemon, call us, we’ll be happy to show them the violence inherent in the system.

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  2. From the picture, it appears that one of the tables has already escaped. Either that, or the “s” is a slut and moved from the chairs to the table while Sparky was typing.

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