Post 184: That’s Entertaining

You invite your friends over to play video games, using your new Entertainment Projector. You play a sword and sorcery first person multiplayer game like Swordbreaker. Your best friend rushes in to beat down minor foes, but one of them gets under his arm and stabs your BF in the leg where he’s not wearing armor.

The next thing you know, there’s blood everywhere, he’s passing out, and you’re calling 911. Thank Sparky for that entertainment.

entertainment projector – $40

make / manufacturer: shift
model name / number: xl90

play video games watch TV DVD players via a/v input
serious injuries only
will not ship

Sparky won’t ship because there are laws against sending dangerous stuff like this across state lines. He should offer a first aid kit with it. Thanks, Ralph, for the never ending entertainment.

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