Post 185: And They’re Off!

There’s a new fad in exercises that you can do in your very own home. No special clothes are needed, no shoes, no gym membership, no plastic balls that don’t stay inflated, no exercise machines that make better clothes holders than useful items. Here’s Sparky to tell us more about it.

chase lounge in NEW condistion – $175

post 185 chase
This was never really used so it is in NEW condition. Paid $600 and will sell for 175.

That’s right, you chase your lounge around the living room! You won’t really use it, because you don’t sit on it, you just chase it. It could be difficult to get started, because some of these are defective and just stand there. That’s when you sell it on Craigslist. You won’t get all your money back, but you might lose weight just from the fit you will throw when you realize you have been duped.

Thanks, OMV, for this fabulous new trend.

5 thoughts on “Post 185: And They’re Off!

  1. Ah, Condistion, that’s on the road from Kandahar to Kafiristan, isn’t it? Rudyard Kipper chased a lunge over there until some local matador tipped a shed of scimitars over or some such. Harumph, the all-seeing eye was closed that day, what what?

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  2. Does ANYONE ever use these things anymore? They may have been useful when women wore corsets and needed a place to faint, or for Hollywood melodramas. Today, if I wanted to put my feet up, I’d use an otterman.


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