Post 186: I’ll Take Nonsense for One Hundred, Alex

The Answer is: In this ad, Sparky is foiling spammers and bots, but confusing serious buyers.

What is –

OTQWn bObcAT 2002 lOaDer W/nICe & straIgHT – $1500

post 186 bobcat

OTQWn ALL lIGhtS worK, cAb IS Very gOOD ANd sTRAiGHt, nO oiL leAkS, WE hAvE ServIcED tHiS maCHiNe hEAd tO toe All FiltERS aND OILs havE BEEN ChaNgED , ShEet MeTaL IS NiCe anD STrIgHT,, EvERyThIng WORKS

Oh, you forgot the question mark! Don Pardo, tell our contestant what his lovely parting gift will be.

And thank you, Ralph, keep those answers coming in.

8 thoughts on “Post 186: I’ll Take Nonsense for One Hundred, Alex

  1. If any of that were pertinent to buying a Melrose (tn) Bobcat, I’d believe they just had a bad keyboard (grease & hydraulic fluid does not agree with modern keyboards).
    So, I’m assuming the ad is by next door spay who is stoned out his gourd and wants a pizza *and still has not cleaned the kitchen (.

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  2. All I can do with this is a “Rocko’s Modern Life” reference (O-town). I’ll have to think about it though and thinking is hard.

    On a different note, some of my co-workers have tried my coffee slices. The verdict is somewhere between interesting and pretty decent.

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