Post 188: I’ll Take Exotic Wildlife for Three Hundred, Alex

The answer is, This big cat is often mistaken for another big cat with a mane.

What is –

Missing White Tiger

Hello everyone, I’m missing a White Tiger Lion, he is super trained but would vicious attack if you approach as a predator (using hands or food), just beware when you find him, please call BCSPCA , his name is Trixo, he is 2 years old, he loves to hang out but don’t approach him like I said, prefer you call Animal Control.

He has a Dark Red collar on his neck, with a ring name “Trixo”, if u say his name, make sure you are ready to get attacked by him (he comes to you) but doesn’t attack like bite , scratch, clawed. He is super trained. Anyone who finds him or sees him, please call meor email me. He isn’t up for adoption if you trying to steal him. His left eye has a scar.

Super trained! Just like NinjaChow, who said, “Look, a Not.A.Lion. Somehow I think Sparky has heard of us, this can’t be real”. I have to agree, if this was real, there’d be a photo.

Have a good weekend!

4 thoughts on “Post 188: I’ll Take Exotic Wildlife for Three Hundred, Alex

  1. I googled “White Tiger Lion” and there is such a thing (maybe. I googled “intelligent politician” and that was pretty sketchy.). Tiger/lion hybrid is called… yes, you guessed it… …a liger.


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