Post 189: A Joint Endeavor

There’s a city in Mexico well known for spectacular 40 meter high cliffs from which people dive into the beautiful blue ocean. They often live to tell about it. There’s also a good trade going in gold, although there aren’t that many mines in the area. Curious, that.


post 189 blanket


Que sera serape. Your firebird looks suspiciously like the eagle on the flag of Mexico.

post 189 eagle

The embroidered letters are a might hard to make out, but I don’t think it says what Sparky wrote that it says. Thanks, Ralph, there’s so much suck in this ad, it has it’s own gravity field.

3 thoughts on “Post 189: A Joint Endeavor

  1. [corey] Actually, the bird on the blanket is a Crested Caracara, often called the Mexican Eagle, and present on early versions of the Mexican flag. The modern flag has a Golden Eagle. [/corey]

    In any case. the bird appears to have deformed wings and shoulders — a Mexican ill eagle?

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