Post 191: Get Your Motor Running

“Sadie, what do you want to do with Grandpa’s old dresser droor furniture piece with lock box compartment?”

“Shoot, BillyBob, nobody in the family wants it.”

“Well, let’s put it on Craigslist. It’s got that custom Harley logo on it. That ought to fetch 25 bucks, easy.”

“Alrighty, but put it up as free just in case that’s too much. We can rob the suckers once they get out here.”

Dresser Droor with Lock Box Furniture

got a dresser droor furniture piece, with lock box compartment. Comes with keys, and everything works fine. It has a custom Harley Davidson logo on it as well. I would like to get 25 cash for it at least so if you’re interested please contact me

It’s actually rather nice looking. Wonder if they would take an obo or two?

Have a gnarly weekend!

One thought on “Post 191: Get Your Motor Running

  1. Poor Flash, sent off to Droid to rescue David’s son and Harley yet again. They probably lost the lock box with Dale’s chastity belt key, too–and Pickles was irate the last time. Downing another pan-galactic gargle baste was not the best breakfast idea. Oh, abd I have to find Spiff and get his blaster, too. Ever since Mongo ride off with one of the elephants after Men was defeated, the world just seemed out of kilter; a blanket and a pint and some crisps were definitely in order. Flash fully expected Marvin (the Martian, not the robot) to come and put the lean on him for all those kwatloos borrowed for the speaker race on Tatooine. It was just not Flaah’s day.

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