Post 192: Just Hanging Around

Well, this is awkward. Sparky just booked a club in his NRA-sanctioned Campgrounds, Happy Trees. When he looked up the club on the intertubes, he discovered that Preserve Our Wild America was not a swingers club. In fact, these wealthy individuals would no doubt object to the manner in which the lodge was decorated.

Sparky needed money so he could update the look of his Campgrounds. First thing to go: A lovely 4 point buck that he shot himself on Anticosti Island.

Deer Head – $120

Deer head !

Says Anticosti on the mount

It is quite heavy

$120 obo


It says here ( that you will “Rediscover your true deer hunting instincts” if you visit Anticosti. Too bad the deer didn’t rediscover his true need to run Sparky through with his antlers.

Thanks, NinjaChow, you found a true expression of Sparky-tude!

3 thoughts on “Post 192: Just Hanging Around

  1. From the web site: “The hunting trails have also been cleared to a width that allows the passage of your guide’s ATV to help recuperate any deer that has been taken near the trails.”

    This one is still recuperating.

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