Post 194: Music of the Spheres

My pets make a lot of noise. When I want to watch a movie, I have to crank the sound way, way up. So of course I am always interested in louder speakers. And if they have a super futuristic styling, all the better.

Extremely loud Speakers – $200

post 194 speaker spheres

I am selling my pair of Soundsphere Q12a Loudspeakers. They both work amazing. They are great for outdoor events, large venues, or getting on anyone’s nerves within a half mile. $200 OBO

“Soundsphere’s Model Q-12A omnidirectional loudspeaker provides a more powerful sound system where clear voice announcements and high-fidelity foreground music at high sound pressure levels are required. Applications include gymnasiums, ice rinks, transportation terminals, factories and nightclubs.

Along with its hemispherical coverage pattern, the Q-12A loudspeaker provides high sensitivity (97dB 1W/1m) and high SPL capability (121dB 250W/1m), and utilizes our exclusive patent-pending Poly-exponential Incidence Reflector. This loudspeaker can be mounted using our hanging kit or mounting bracket and comes in both standard and custom colors.”

I may be able to deliver depending on location.

Ralph, I’m thinking this would be overkill in a 12 foot by 8 foot room. It also might shake things loose that are best left unshaken. Like the San Andreas Fault. I will keep looking. Thanks!


2 thoughts on “Post 194: Music of the Spheres

  1. I had a poly-exponential Incident once. Upon reflection, I chose never to repeat the experience.

    [Corey] That’s actually an extremely good price for these, but you need to hook them up to some other gizmos (PA Amp, etc.) than a home audio setup. [/Corey]

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