Post 197: Colonel Sanders on Line One

Get a load of this ad! If Sparky is this bad at English, imagine how he will be butchering Espanol! Aye yai yai!

2 week Barel Hens.. ready to start laying

We have 3 22 week old chickens( laying age) look bread up,, they are amazing layers!. we got them Oct 9. They where 4 weeks old.. We would NEVER be rehoming them. Our family just found out we are moving to Mexico and chickens are not a load through boarder 😦 They come with 2 band new laying boxes a large full bag of premium food.. they are very friendly and comfortable around rabbits, dogs, and cat’s.. they are sweet girls they love to chasing each other around. very entertaining.. Please have a plenty of room for them.. Very Happy and beautiful..asking a re-homing fee $75..

Thanks, OMV, can always count on you to give us a load of chickens.

9 thoughts on “Post 197: Colonel Sanders on Line One

  1. “We would NEVER be rehoming them.”
    “asking a re-homing fee $75.”

    Here’s a bit of advice. Stay out of the hen house if all you’re going to do is flip-flop around.

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  2. I know folks who home raise chickens.
    They tend to be more interested in what _kind_ (cermani, leghorn, Rhode Island red) they are than if they come with a bag of feed. For layers, they tend to be picky about how many and how often.

    This will probably lead to some questions about roosters, which is likely going to involve just why you are suddenly being rehome to Mexico yourself.

    Thanks, Spark, now I have an ear worm about Gallo del Cielo in my head.

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