Post 198: Hayseed Dixie

Down at Old MacSparky’s farm, there’s a goat named Dixie. She spends a lot of time out in the yard eating weeds. At night, she’s put in a stall where there’s a generous layer of hay. And everything Dixie ate during the day eventually lands on the hay.

Being a wise old farmer, MacSparky decided to sell his load of sh– hay.

Free used hay with goat sh it

Free used hay with goat sh it , you scrape & load… Good compost!

Disclaimer; not responsible for injuries


MacSparky is also a lazy son of a goat. Thanks, E-I-E-I-OMV, excellent Monday morning ad. No pictures, but here’s a little entertainment for you.

3 thoughts on “Post 198: Hayseed Dixie

  1. Ok, tgere is a significant difference between hay and straw.
    Jay is mown cereal grass with the grain still present. Hay is forage, suitable for animal feed in lieu of grazing.

    Straw is hay that has been flensed or winnowed, it’s grain is removed, and has no feed value for livestock.
    But, it is suitable as bedding material.

    If Spark’ has been bedding his goat in hay, that’s a bit like sleeping in a bed of merit and chocolate. Possible, but extravagant.
    After having a goat squat in it, the hay has a similar value as “merlot & chocolate, only slept in once.”

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  2. There’s an old story about the price of oats — they’re cheaper once they’ve been through the horse, with additives.

    Sorry, Sparky, while the goat sh it by itself might be useful, the mixture is not; hay or straw has too much cellulose to make good compost; it breaks down too slowly. That’s why it is used for erosion control, which is exactly where you don’t want to add sh it. Even free, there will be few takers for this crap — no ifs, ands, or butts.

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