Post 199: From Regions Beyond

True Story: Houdini wanted to talk to mom long after she died, so he went to all sorts of spiritualists and mediums. Sadly, he never found one that that was legitimate. He became one of the best myth busters of his time.

Too bad there was no such thing as Craigslist back then.

projector – $60

condition: good

looking to sell my projector don’t need it any more seance i fixed the screen on my laptop asking 60 for it have power cable and VGA cable to go with it.please only email me if rely interested in it please and thank you for looking.

No, Sparky, thank you for posting! And thank you, Ralph, for bringing my attention by a rap on the table and a ringing of a bell.

4 thoughts on “Post 199: From Regions Beyond

  1. But Sparky, without this who ya gonna call on your laptop? Steve Jobs? He doesn’t do Windows.

    For anyone else, just because they’re dead doesn’t mean they’re smart. Especially if (like Sparky) they weren’t when they were alive.

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