Post 200: And Now For Something Completely Different

Some words will always mean one thing to someone and another thing to everyone else. Like the word dork. I only heard it to mean a stupid person, a real idiot. Apparently before that, it meant part of the male anatomy. Someone objected strenuously to my use of that word when I only knew the first definition. Oops.

If you go on Craigslist and see something for free, you might get your hopes up if you think it’s one thing, but the photo shows you what Sparky really means. Oops.

free refer

post 200 refer

5 year old refer, fridge part works , but the freezer does not. Had it with it so just giving it away.

I bet Sparky got all sorts of calls before people started looking at the photo. What was he or she thinking? Thanks for the ad, Ralph.


4 thoughts on “Post 200: And Now For Something Completely Different

  1. Well, Spark, has learned the lesson that the dudes in Florida taught when he referred to his foe sak center console boat by inky its middle name Coral Reefer 18.
    Ever-y-body was interested in his ad for a 19′ re@fer for sale.

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