Post 201: Suleiman Would Be Impressed

The Ottoman Empire influenced the Known World for six centuries, starting in 1299. Over the course of those centuries, there were revolts, reversals, and revivals, wars against almost every nation, and several types of governments.

The people of the Empire excelled in many areas, architecture, decorative arts, performing arts, science, technology, and sports, mainly wrestling. And what do we remember them by?

 Rocking Chair with Leader Ottoman 

post 201 ottoman

Rocking Chair with Leader Ottoman in great condition.

Must go today or tomorrow morning as we are moving, else it will end up at the dump.

No delivery but can help with loading in your van/truck.


Aamir, the last Vizer of the Empire is giving up his position as rocker and leader. All good things must end, NinjaChow, thanks for sending this in.


4 thoughts on “Post 201: Suleiman Would Be Impressed

  1. Ah, Engrish, that easiest of second languages. Where we are ever consistent with how we indicate long and short vowels, despite Norman French spellings to the contrary.

    But, then again , I am attempting (being at work as I am) to not titer at leaderhosen, or litrehosen, whether of vellum or of nauga hides.

    It was Basil the Rat on Faulty Towers last night, so, my comedy may still be set to zany madcap.

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  2. “We must protest this treatment, Hubert”
    Says each newspaper reader
    As someone once remarked to Schubert
    “Take us to your lieder.” — Tom Lehrer

    And save the baby Naugas!

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  3. Well, we cannot be sure of the pronunciation of leader in this instance. If it is actually (lēˈdər), it might make sense because it is in front of the chair as though it is leading. On the other hand, if it is pronounced (lĕˈdər), well, I guess that makes sense too. If it is made out of lead(Pb), then that would explain needing help in loading it into a truck or van rather than just picking it up and putting it in the trunk of your car. This also might explain the real reason for getting rid of it (lead poisoning).
    Perhaps Sparky just misspelled leaðer. Since I am not knowledgeable in ancient languages, I may have misspelled leather too.)

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