Post 202: Is That You, Woody?

You folks, and you know who you are, do a wonderful job at sending in Craigslist ads that you find. Sometimes you present them with no explanation. We can’t always tell what Sparky was actually trying to say in his inimical way. Really, I don’t have a clue.

But apparently he changed his mind and put up a photo of something else.

Lawn pecker – $40

post 202 lawn pecker

make / manufacturer: Canon

1 year old printer/scanner/copier/fax machine

I don’t have anywhere on my lawn to plug it in. I have to pass. Thanks, Ralph, you grow some interesting Sparkies up your way.


7 thoughts on “Post 202: Is That You, Woody?

  1. Not a syllable on whether or not it works, needs ink/toner; if drivers are available for modern o/s or not. Nor if it uses regular string trimmer line or is “zero turn” capable.

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  2. The wild solar-powered lawn peckers around here mostly work just fine, especially the gobbling ones with the big tail feathers. But they don’t do Windows.

    And I think Sparky’s picture is showing a drive belt for household vacuum cleaner, not any kind of lawn machinery. Maybe that’s why he can’t get his pecker to work right.

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  3. Why do I think Sparky has another ad for a
    Printer $40

    Lawn pecker plant stake. Can also just use it for decoration. Just stick your pecker in the ground and see how many comments you get from your neighbors.

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  4. Question: if this lawn pecker is one year old, why does it fax? I last sent a fax in about 1999. Unless Sparky’s counting in some lawn pecker equivalent of dog years of course – one human year = 17 lawn pecker years. Something like that.

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