Post 203: Hasta la Vista!

Shoes are normally sold in pairs. Wouldn’t you agree that when you see a pair of shoes and a price quoted, you expect to get left AND right shoes for the one price?

Apparently no one has explained this to Sparky yet.

adidas shors – $1

I have three diffrent pairs here almost new all size are 13 the black pair is a all star leather I’m asking $20 a piece

So that’s $20 for the left shoe, and $20 for the right shoe. OMV, I’m afraid to ask how much the shoelaces come to. Thanks for the post!


5 thoughts on “Post 203: Hasta la Vista!

  1. So sad , to see how far the shots hath fallen that they are but $1, and used shoes are $20 a piece.
    Perhaps the shoes are an art installation. And we none the wiser for not being man-bun, pbr-swilling, unwashed but for a quick rinse of patchouli types.

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  2. While the shoes at the top left are shor a pair of laces, they do not appear to be either almost new or made of star leather.

    Sparky appears to have prepared them for sale by making them all size 13 on his kitchen cutting board, but does not specify how long they were cooked to sterilize them. He (I assume) also does not specify if these are a mans or woman’s size 13.

    While it is possible to acquire one shoe , conversely it is rather difficult to acquire one pant. Those invariably come in pairs, whether you need two of them or nor, shor or long, despite the fact that the pair is rarely detachable.

    And these are not the Adidas I’m looking for. That orange and blue version belongs on the Jersey Shor. This version is much more durable.

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