Post 204: Furniture Week, Day One

Should an octopus lose two legs, would it be called a hexopus? Of course not! It would be called Inky or Bob or Barbra. So back in the day when everyone had that couch, they also had these end tables. Trust me, go back through You Suck at Craigslist posts and you will see so many octagonal tables with six sides. A hex on your tables!

At least this Sparky knows what shape the tables are in.

Two Free End Tables

Two free end tables in good shape 


See? Good. They are in good shape. Thanks, NinjaChow, love these walks down memorex lane.


6 thoughts on “Post 204: Furniture Week, Day One

  1. These Stench Prevential tables have hexagonal tops, but they are 18-sided polygons, which makes them octdecagons. That’s still a good shape for hexopus houses, but there don’t seem to be any hexopi listed around here on craigslist right now.

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  2. When my parents had end tables like these, I discovered they don’t really hold up under water. I’m not really into the “Octopi End Tables” movement.

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  3. Uh, Spark’ unlike spongebob, I prefer my tables have fixed, not free ends–else everything slides off. They were ‘s posed to teach you that in Algeria class.

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    • I don’t much care if my tables have fixed or free ends, but the end design of my kitchen counters is critical. I have straight counters, left-turning counters, and right-turning counters; and most important are the closed-end counters of the third kind.

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    • FYI: I work with a guy called Spongebob. I work with a guy who has a daughter who lives next door to the person who does the voice of Spongebob. I’m practically a celebrity.

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