Post 206: Furniture Week, Day 3

On Fridays, I think people can be excused for behavior that isn’t considered socially acceptable at other days of the week. Farting, belching, snorting, even blowing your nose at the table. Highly unacceptable on Monday through Thursday, but come Friday, let it all hang out.

You know what Sparky says, better out than in.


post 206 burp

2 Raynman Drive Sea[feature]


post 206 desk

2 Raynman Drive Sea[feature]

Ralph, any idea what that dog is doing back there? Never mind, we probably don’t really want to know. Thanks for saving Furniture Week!


7 thoughts on “Post 206: Furniture Week, Day 3

  1. That’s obviously not a burp; it’s a chester draws. And the dog behind the armwar is looking for the not.a.lion and the which. And the address should be “Raymond Drive”, but maybe Sparky is the dog, and used smellcheck instead of spellcheck.

    Sea[feature] NH has a nuclear power plant, which may explain this.

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  2. There is definitely some displacement going on here. In the second picture, you can only see the front of the dog. The back end of the dog is behind the cabinet (desk). However, the tail end of the dog can be seen behind the mirror (burp) in the first picture. Since both pictures showed up in the ad at the same time, it can be assumed there is something hinkey going on with that dog as a whole. Ooooh! Molecular displacement! I think this dog may be from Camazotz.

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