Post 219: E-I-E-I-Oh!

Old MacDonald had a farm, and on this farm he had a coop. In this coop he had two nesting boxes. But the hens staged a coup, leaving him with egg on his face. Continue reading


Post 218: Dodge This, Mother Trucker

Our lesson for Friday before a long weekend is – If you have a wench in your life, you should love her, not bump her. I don’t care how many obos you play at one time. I don’t care how heavy duty she is or just why you have a headache rack. Continue reading

Post 217: Free Whites

Today’s Sparky lesson is about capital letters and punctuation. Take any part of this ad and put the correct version in the comments. Come on, I know you can do it!

 dinning table with chairs 

post 217 free white

free white dinning tables and two chair

Oh, wait. This came from NinjaChow. Maybe Canada has repealed the use of upper case letters and those pesky marks in the text? Well, let’s assume not and go ahead with your work. Thanks NC!

Post 216: Wake up Weed

In spite of growing up in the USA during the 1960s, I have never indulged in various recreational herbs. Nothing stronger than oregano for me. So there’s an awful lot of stuff I had never heard before. Luckily Sparky is around to teach me a lesson.

Today’s lesson is weed waking.

Jk bumper skid plate and Husqvarna weed waker.

post 216 weed waker

Free jk skid plate front bumper and Husqvarna weed waker.

Just Kidding! Didn’t learn anything from this ad. Except maybe that commas are not obsolete. Thanks, Ralph, keep the snark coming!

213: Sounds like a Party at Your House

It is rather amazing what people get away with on Craigslist. You are aware, I’m sure, that if someone says they will come to entertain you with party favors, they mean pay first. There are codes for selling weapons and for certain pharmaceuticals. I bet you could adopt a child if you wanted to. Continue reading